Thank you, Helena!

A while ago, my favorite dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat made a blog post about the cover reveal of my upcoming book 100 Nightmares. Thank you, Helena, for volunteering to be a part of this blog blast.

Read the post here

Helena is perhaps one of the most original individuals that I’ve ever met. Like I said before, if I were to describe her writing style in one word, I’d call it BOLD. She’s fun and fearless and comes up with a lot of crazy stuff. And that’s why you need to check out FOLLOW her blog at

She’s also a very supportive friend. She even promised to bake me cookies (which will go directly into the trash because they may or may not be sprinkled with arsenic… yes, she’s unpredictable like that…) 🙂
Helena wrote a commercial for me. Read it here You’re going to love it, I swear! 🙂

Her alter ego, Jessica Bell, writes scary fiction. She mentioned in passing that she’s working on a novel. I’m sure that it’s going to be great and gothic as hell.

Meanwhile, watch out for the upcoming release of Memoirs of a Dilettante. I’ve already pre-ordered a copy!


Memoirs of a Dilettante is a collection of reminiscences, following Helena Hann-Basquiat, a self-proclaimed dilettante who will try anything just to say that she has, and her twenty-something niece, who she has dubbed the Countess Penelope of Arcadia, in their off-beat antics in such places as common as the local McDonald’s or the comic book store, to their travels to Miami for the search for the perfect Cuban sandwich. Interspersed between wacky one-off adventures, Helena tells personal, sometimes painful stories from her past in order to try and make sense of her life as it has played out, tempering everything with an indomitable sense of humour.

Cummerbund Bandersnatch, the Accidental Plagiarist, strippers, rock stars, geeks, freaks, and the Barista With No Name — these are just a few of the characters you’ll meet inside.

Discover Helena’s tales for the first time or all over again, with new notes and annotations for the culturally impaired — or for those who just need to know what the hell was going through her mind at the time!

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Helena!

      • KZ — Can I just say how cool it is to actually reveal your cover on my blog. I was just staring at it again, admiring how creepily awesome it is. You’ll have to tell me who your artist was when it comes time for my Bayou book (dammnit I need a title for that thing)
        Anyway, I came across something cool that I wanted to point out to you — I’m going to sign up, too, ‘because I think it’s really an interesting way to treat your fans — but there’s a site that allows you to sign/personalize a reader’s e-book. Check it out! (I know I’ll be wanting my copy of 100 nightmares signed)

        • cool, thanks, I’ll check it out 🙂 i mentioned the artist’s name on my blog and at FB during my cover reveal. his name is Dan Verkys. you should definitely check out his page, he’s awesome

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