Thank you, Björn!

Thank you, Björn, for offering to help in the Cover Reveal Blog Blast for my upcoming book 100 Nightmares.

Read his blog post here with his deliciously dark poem—a perfectly chilling introduction.

Sometimes his words are like gentle fingers caressing your cheek…
Sometimes, a mammoth fist crushing your soul.

Björn Rudberg is a poet extraordinaire.
He may be a physicist by education, but the man is a wordsmith at heart.

I remember when I still had plenty of time to write daily haiku for Carpe Diem… That was when I truly became a fan of Björn’s writing. Like me, English is not his first language (his first language is Swedish) but my god, sometimes my mouth just drops at the unbearable beauty of his words! A proof of what a gifted writer he is. Even in his Friday Fictioneers stories, Björn has this ability to make sorrow seem beautiful and the darkness seem desirable.

He mentioned in passing that he intends to do a book this year! Well, I can’t wait to get more details on this one. I’m sure that it’s going to be brilliant.

Björn is also one of the curators at D’verse. D’verse Poets Pub is where writers gather to celebrate poetry. It’s a home for poets—a place to learn and explore the various forms, to receive helpful critique, to support each other and to grow.

Visit his blog at


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