Bitter Magic

Copyright Adam Ickes

Copyright – Adam Ickes

On his deathbed, father handed me his bow and arrow. “Go hunt yourself a wife.”

I shook my head.

He should’ve married a good village woman.

Instead, he pursued her.

A day after she gave birth to me, she stepped out of her shoes and ran into the forest.

Just like that.

Father said she belonged there, where she can be savage and free in all her hirsute and fiercely fanged glory.

I promised myself I’ll never be like him… ruined by his flirtations with other worlds.

I’ll never dream of magic, love… or she-bears that turn into bad mothers…


47 thoughts on “Bitter Magic

  1. Great piece – I read this first as pure “fantasy genre” and then a second time as all metaphors of real life.
    I loved the line “Go hunt yourself a wife” 🙂

  2. I like this story. What got me was the entrapment of the She-bear and her need to get away at any cost. Too close to home for many women in this world.

  3. KZ, you are truly talented! Each week you blow me away. This is a wonderfully metaphorical fantasy, with delicious wording and description! Wow; love it. Only one thought: she stepped out of her shoes AND ran into the forest. Somehow, “and” sounds more fluid here than “then.” I humbly suggest it, though clearly you’re a wordsmith. 😉

  4. Lost my connection whilst commenting so sorry if you get this twice. Your work is going from strength to strength kz, I really look forward to reading your take each week.

  5. Dear Kz,

    Quite a piece of fantasy. Loved the line…”she-bears that turn into bad mothers.” Could be an allegory for modern life. So many kids just wishing for a normal life. Well done.



  6. Hi KZ,
    Your imagination is working overtime. Or maybe you were read The Three Bears too many times in your youth. I’m sorry the marriage didn’t work out. I guess she just couldn’t bear it. This story is so fun, like a fairy tale, fantastic and wild. Ron

    • thanks ron 🙂 actually, i disliked Goldilocks when i was a kid– she was rude, eating other people’s porridge and sleeping on their beds and breaking baby bear’s chair 🙂 so im glad the bears scared the crap out of her ^^

  7. I’m glad you called her a she-bear instead of a sow. 🙂 We can pick our friends, and we can pick our nose, but we can’t pick our friend’s noses …. oops, I meant relatives. Sorry about that.

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