Copyright – Sean Fallon

Copyright – Sean Fallon

Pretty face, big dreams, danced like nobody’s business…

“Wait and see, papi.” Alejandro told me he’d be in the headlines someday.

How right he’d been.

Should’ve moved out of that dump when I offered him the chance…
But he wanted to be a star… Whore his way to the top, that was his plan.

I picked up the newspaper from my table, carefully dusting off the blow that sprinkled his face.
Cops found the arms, then the legs… but not that pretty, pretty head.

I opened the freezer to ask him again…
Baby, why’d you gotta be such a whore…?

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


79 thoughts on “Headlines

  1. Dear KZ,

    Okay…I followed the line from right to left, reading MissKZebra’s story first. Is there something with the KZ’s this week? Does this mean that two heads in the freezer are better than one?
    On my my my. Nice one.



  2. A cold and gruesome image at the end there. You create these slashingly good stories so well. I really liked the connection with headlines in Alejandro’s statement and Papi picking up the newspaper later. Got his wish, I guess.

  3. Gruesome — and the dialogue seems authentic, though very “out of character” for you — way to stretch yourself!

  4. Hahahaha! This made me laugh for some reason. Such a devilish sense of humor you have, KZ.

    Remember to see the video Rochelle posted on her blog yesterday … you get to meet some of us!

  5. kz…….please ….think of your ebook….it costs nothing to publish, I can send you ALL the information on publishing yourself, which companies, everything.. You can have a long story or short stories. Really….

    • would really appreciate the info. 🙂 thanks. been toying with the idea, even met with an artist for the illustrations for short stories.lol but i really don’t know where to start with the whole publishing thing.

      • I’ll tell you which forms to ask for, but you must. If you have books down the pipeline then it is best to sort it out, otherwise the United States will take your tax – and never give it back. That will be an extra 30% gone from your profit.

          • for a paperback you might look for a publisher. one way of looking is to publish an ebook, and show them how much it is selling, then they take over the rights and pay you. to use a publisher for an ebook is giving money away, unless they promise to publish book also. Using a publisher means a long wait usually, as your manuscript is put into a big pile usually. but ultimately it is what you think is best.

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