Catching Death

copyright – Kent Bonham

copyright – Kent Bonham

In a place like this, catching death is as easy as walking in the wrong alley.

I heard a woman, her fists pounding from door to door… the sound of desperation reverberating through the walls.

When she reached my home, I almost let her in… but didn’t. Couldn’t.

When she screamed, it was like her soul fled her body through her mouth so that it wouldn’t be there anymore when they defiled her.

Then, silence.

I imagined her sprawled across the cold stones while they ravaged her…

Her soul a detached observer, hovering… Like mine did when they took me.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

I’m a little late this week. my laptop’s busted >< but for the love of FF, I'm here @ my granny's using her 😉 so it might take a while for me to reach your story. but I'll catch up, see ya there ^^ xo


30 thoughts on “Catching Death

  1. An interesting view of horror from an observer who’s been there and fully understands. Once again, a very well written piece from you. I was right there watching with that other poor soul.

  2. Definitely your genre – superbly crafted in all ways, including the idiosyncratic end – wonderful suspense.
    would change to ”wouldn’t be there anymore when they took her.”.

  3. You just love visiting that dark side, don’t you? You bring across the horror and suspense quite handily. Well done, KZ.

    Also I’m glad to know YOU’RE all right, too. Everyone doing OK?

    • i keep watching the news and oh i’m just thankful that the typhoon didn’t hit our city that badly. at the same time, i feel really sad for the others and feel really obliged to help, what i’ve been up to lately. thank you so much for asking 🙂

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