Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge LIII

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

I escaped in a boat steered by faith, until the hostile shore faded into a memory.

I breathed in the ocean’s salty exhalations as if it were the last air on earth.

I longed for the simplicity of the sea…

Actually, I longed for home.

The city spoke in a language that was alien to me.

There, they twisted the world to fit the shapes of their fantasies.

I thought it would be different–brighter, better…

The sky purpled to the color of suffocation.

Distant city lights blinked obscenely like fireflies’ sex calls…

Sick of it, I dove towards liberty.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

PS: OFF THE KUF is an anthology of stories of different genres. it’s non profit, but if you’re looking for exposure, of maybe just for fun, or if you want more readers to read your work or if you wanna direct more people to your blog… whatever, they take previously published drabbles! i submitted one of my old FF stories to them and it’s gonna be featured in the anthology 🙂 they also take longer stories. i know, i know, never write for free.. but come on, they’re just lying around on my blog anyway! if you wanna join god, i knew i forgot something >< but there’s still plenty of time.
deadline: September 30


35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge LIII

  1. I had a vision of a mermaid there – it’s wonderful how you create a story from your gorgeous ‘maitrise’ – French for mastery, but more, of the English language: a whole mood created in a few words.

    • one of those stories that’s left open for readers’ own interpretation and i’m delighted to know that you saw a mermaid! 🙂 thank you
      ps. the ending used to be “Donning my sealskin, I dove towards liberty.” but i hope i did the right thing in leaving it ambiguous. the whole thing seemed to have a different meaning when i read it twice then thrice… but i hope i didn’t make the mistake of of turning it into a nonsense piece, lol

      • It’s hard to say which is best there, the sealskin is an interesting concept. It is very, very hard for you to beat your diary entry piece.That was just so stunning. Nothing can be nonsense after that. And if it is it is deliberate.

        • on the second reading, i felt that it was a smalltown girl who got fed up with the city and decided to commit suicide. then on the third, it was an immigrant who decided life there isn’t half as good as life at home and on the fourth, it was just a girl simply wanting to take a break. 🙂 haha though i like the selkie concept the best ^^

    • thanks ted! 🙂 the ending used to be ‘Donning my sealskin, I dove towards liberty. ‘ but then i read the whole thing again and it changed its meaning, then again, then it changed it’s meaning. lol so i thought it’d be better to leave it vague. hope i did the right thing.

    • thanks EA! check out the news at the end of my story? it’s an anthology by KUF that takes 100word stories. even previously published. 🙂 they took mine. non profit but if you want, for exposure, maybe? or for fun? i dont wanna be presumptuous, i mean, there are people who dont like writing for free. but well, in case you’re interested…

    • hi. thanks so much. so happy to hear that, at least now i know someone’s gonna buy a copy of my first book (which will probably still take a few years) aside from my aunt. lol ^^ i grew up reading plenty of sidney sheldon and jude deveraux–romance novels, really. 🙂 but for fantasy, i don’t think anyone can beat ursula k. le guin 🙂

  2. A fantastic story full of the senses – loved the smell of the sea and ‘The sky purpled to the color of suffocation.’ Great descriptions and imagery.

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