Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

Copyright – Dawn M. Miller


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© 2013 K.Z. Morano

now for some news ^^ i submitted one of my old FF stories in a competition and yey, im a finalist. POPCORN HORROR PRESENTS 100 WORDS OR LESS HORROR STORIES is a compilation of spooky 100-word shorts from various writers all across the globe featuring illustrations by C.R Murray. Now available on Amazon
thank you Friday Fictioneers, you gave me the confidence to join in my very first writing competition. i’m pretty glad. xoxo


  1. Wonderful wonderful how you explore different ways of storytelling….this one a pearl, something I would just love to teach in Creative Writing…..and….not many,,really not many are more happy than moi you won and are published! It is totally logical, yet FABULEUX, as we say in French. Ikaw ay isang absolute managinip ng isang manunulat

  2. This was fantastic. I love that you’re always experimenting with different takes and styles. Your stories always impress, darling!

  3. Oh oh, one thing I’ve learned is never, NEVER leave a trail. Great going on the picture kz! and congrats on winning with the story!! 🙂

  4. Dear Kz,

    That is one of the best FF stories I’ve ever read. (And I’ve read a lot.) I have a feeling that once you had this brilliant idea (and it is sooooo brilliant. I very much wish I’d thought of it) it just took off running in your mind and onto the paper. Imagination in spades, humor in bunches. I am going to remember this one forever. Very well conceived and written.



  5. First of all, congratulation’s on your win and getting published. That’s huge.
    Very clever and ingenious method for conveying this week’s story. I’m always impressed by your talent.

  6. I am speechless on this one, KZ. Brilliant? AT LEAST that! This is story writing at its finest!!! You have done some great ones, but this has topped even previous efforts. And congratulations on one of your stories getting published. You seem to be on your way. Keep going!

  7. Kz – wonderful new!!! Congratulations. I like the format you used for your story. I wonder if the investigator will search the wife’s computer and use that in the arrest …if they are smart enough – unless all those searches were from the library…

    Thanks for your visit. I may have to bring back the Vicar in another episode 🙂

  8. This is such a wonderful way of telling the wife’s story. I’m not sure who I’m feeling most sorry for at the end of it. Many congratulations on the competition win.

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