Lovely Emelie

Copyright -Claire Fuller

Copyright -Claire Fuller

From the window, I watched the girl who spurned me.

Lovely Emelie… dangling from the tree, swinging from side to side in mocking glee.

My heart fluttered a staccato serenade. Even then, her beauty didn’t fade.

Her white dress billowed in a breeze I couldn’t touch, concealing all that was denied from me.

The mob stirred like a stormy sea.

I watched as they tore her apart… to pieces, like my broken heart.

Witch or not, she put a spell on me- a man of God.

Lovely Emelie… She should’ve loved me…

Foolish girl chose to die on that tree…

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


46 thoughts on “Lovely Emelie

    • i looked it up, a nice poem 🙂 and when i have time, i swear i’ll even read the trilogy, i’ve always wanted to but i always end up reading other stuff instead. thank you 🙂

  1. I got a vibe of a creepy, evil priest/monk/whatever. It starts off so romantic and tragic and then I realize the man is frickin’ psychotic. Then I re-read it and I see the hints. Very well done.

  2. And now her soul lies trapped in its arboreal prison — Arboreal? Arboreal’s a vile phrase!
    Perhaps one day some tour guide will tell your tale to a group of spellbound tourists.

  3. Fantastic flash. I thought she had taken her own life and then it is revealed, tragedy plus. Very evocative writing, feel for both the characters. You are so good at this challenge.

  4. Very well written. Good thing that real life priests are all lovely balanced individuals, right? Oh wait…

  5. “Lovely Emelie… dangling from the tree, swinging from side to side in mocking glee…” what a terrifying narrator we have here! Even more so that he thoroughly believes in his words…Superior piece yet again, kz, young old friend….

  6. This was beautiful! At first I thought it was so sad, then I realized the priest probably had her put to death. It reminded me of Frollo and Esmerelda in Notre Dame de Paris (the Hunchback of Notre Dame). Absolutely wonderful story and the language was great, too!

  7. Oh, now this is a deep and dark tale. How did you ever manage to get it down to 100 words. I have read between the lines and I do believe you have a much larger story there. I see the wicked priest lusting after the poor girl and when she won’t put out, calls the Witch hunters in…

  8. Oh, I love the direction you took this in! Also love the almost-poetic flow of your prose…something about its rhythms almost seemed to echo the way her body swung back and forth, and it works quite well. Thank you for this!

  9. Wonderfully constructed – beautiful rhymes and pacing. It’s almost possible to feel sorry for the priest for his loss, until that last line. If she chose the tree instead of him, he must be really vile.

  10. Sounds like a witch hunt – can’t have what ‘I’ want so no one will. I agree with syllabubsea – chilling!

    (I was here… so I thought I’d pop in on this one.)

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