A Day in Jackson’s Life

Copyright -Renee Heath

Copyright -Renee Heath

“Mornin’, Jackson!” Mr. Pears waved at me.

“Hello, Mr. P-P-Pears…”

“Hey Jackson, what do you think of my pirouette?” Trix beamed.

I smiled. “You’re getting b-b-better each day.”

Same thing happens every morning when I walk to school…

After crossing the street, I looked back at the rubble of destruction where Bidwell Exchange had been.

Mr. Pears waved at me again with the scorched stump where his arm had been.

And Trix smiled at me in her soot-stained tutu, jaw melted and teeth exposed halfway up her cheek.

I kept walking, saddened and frightened as their envious gazes followed me.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


27 thoughts on “A Day in Jackson’s Life

  1. Whoahoo! Kz you stormed it! It just got deeper and deeper – until the envy threw its final punch! Your descriptions are graphic and paint the awful picture well.

  2. kz, I was thinking terrorism but not matter what happened, you did an excellent job with the story, which went off in a very different direction. I like the way you threw the stutter in. It’s a very realistic touch.


  3. This was so well written, it was like those school books wherein by lifting one of those painted-on plastic sheets, you revealed the actual picture beneath it. Wonderful tale kz!

  4. Wonderful st-t-t-t …well,you know what I mean! As for Trix…what a nightmare…really well visualised there! ….So nice to see your magical ‘touch’ again…after all these ‘years’…” Well, it almost feels like it! Stay busy, it’ll pay off in the end!

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