Birds and Bees

Copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

The stream sang

a wet love song.

Evening blossoms exhaled

into the breeze,

creating fragrances

that felt like muffled laughter…

I remembered

awkward lessons

about the birds and the bees

and shy confessions

of my inexperience

met by a chorus of giggles.

Ice Princess,

they’d tease.

That night,

I lay on the grass,

listening to his skin

hiss against mine…

The moon waxed

and waned

with our breathing.

The coldness within me


like an icicle.

Dawn came

to find us like that,

perfectly entwined

and bathed

in lavender delirium.

For once in my life,

I’m glad I waited.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

30 thoughts on “Birds and Bees

  1. That was just beautiful, darling — I loved how you started with “the birds and the bees” and went from there.

  2. So beautifully written kz.
    BTW the photo is at a place called Edenvale in the south of England. I’ve been there. It’s extraordinary. And there really is a huge bee sculpture in the grounds – behind you see the enormous greenhouses where they have experimented with various climates, hydroponics, etc.
    But why do you need to know all this when you see a picture of a bee and create a beautiful tender story from it? Well done.

  3. Whew! My breath has finally returned. It’s always nice to hear something so gracious, so beautifully rendered without pandering to the lowest common denominator. Ya got the goods, KZ. Marvelous!

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