Seeking Immortality

Copyright – Randy Mazie

Copyright – Randy Mazie

Gravestones stood like frozen sentinels, watchful of the unknowns entombed underneath. The goat tethered to the tree gave a nervous bleat as it halted abruptly upon reaching the limit of its rope. That’s how the dead must feel like, he mused, bound to the vicinity of burial as their memories and mortal forms dissolve into dust. It was almost impossible to think, let alone write in the cemetery but everything reminded him of what he didn’t want to become– dead, forgotten… stuck in the hood. With fresh resolve, he concentrated his thoughts on his first novel– his ticket to immortality.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

38 thoughts on “Seeking Immortality

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  2. you are honored by your writing colleagues with heartwarming encouragements you truly deserve… proud of you, Kz. your take on the prompt is filled with lyrical metaphors that pick on the imagination with much passion … great read!

  3. Fantastic! What a great idea. Well crafted and moral – and pretty ingenious. I really liked that you took our morose dwellings upon the plight of the underclass and brought it up to where we are – all struggling for immortality.

  4. Good writing, kz. You captured the essence that drives most writers. We’d like to see our work (and name) become a living testament that we actually did exist.

  5. Things like this are what motivate all writers I would guess. I love your description of the mood and feelings of the writer. It’s smooth writing and it flows so well. Great job!

  6. Hope your writer gets away. (On first reading I thought it was the goat doing all that deep thinking.) Really like ‘bound to the vicinity of burial as their memories and mortal forms dissolve’ – such a wonderful thought.

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