Growing Pains

hey guys!

it’s officially 12 midnight here. that means I’m a year older ^^ so before you comment, don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday! 😉 xo

Copyright - David Stewart

Copyright – David Stewart

Growing Pains

The echolalia of ghostly birds faded into a merely remembered rhythm, a phantom of a sound… Sadly, I wondered whether our relationship would suffer the same fate. We’ve let the stubborn vines of juvenile affection grow around each other in such a way that we thought would bind us forever. But as we climbed on that fictional ladder towards our individual dreams, we felt our childhood move away from us like the small town below. We sat on the rooftop to meet the purple dawn, wrapped in each other’s embrace- terrified of the future, excited about college and sad about us.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

42 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I really enjoyed this, the couple climbing together to watch a new day dawning and wondering about the future for themselves. Very well written. Also, happy birthday!

  2. Mmmm. Very tasty stuff. Goes GREAT with the prompt. Excellent work this week!

    And a very Happy Birthday to you, KZ, although the day has probably worn down by now (I take it you probably live in the Philippines, yes?). Wherever, have a great day and enjoy!

    • nope, it’s still july 5th here in the Philippines so it’s still my birthday. i was born sometime during dawn, you know. lol ^^ thanks for the greeting

  3. Dear KZ,

    A very happy birthday. (I’m sure I have shoes older than you). Just curious, where is “here”?

    Onto your beautifully touching story. I think this is the best that I’ve read from you. Keep climbing that ladder, young lady. The best is yet to come. 😉



    • haha i’ve been dying to use that word in a sentence that’s not related to a patient case study ^^ thank you for the greeting 🙂

  4. kz, well done with the 100 words.. great use of the words..

    bday’s always remind me of this song that my friend sang for me.. a little variation of the usual song 😛

    happppyyy bdayyyy tooo youuu (da da de da da da)
    happppyyy bdayyyy tooo youuu (da da de da da da)
    mayy the lordd godd bless youuuu (da da de da da da)
    youuu were bornn in the zoooo (da da de da da da)
    with monkeyss and donkeyss and other like youuuu ! (da da de da da da dannnn)

    well i just laughed and laughed wen I heard that…
    and as I write this I am laughing again 🙂

    neways.. i wish you a great bday.. hope u had a blast 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.
    I loved your story, stirred up memories and feelings of long lost love, well done. As has been said already it’s one of your best.

  6. Many more Happy Returns of the day, kz:) True, dreams are no longer the same and a decision has to made on growing old together or parting as friends.. well written

  7. Beautiful language and a touching story. Lovely imagery particulary liked ‘ …stubborn vines of juvenile affection.’
    🙂 Belated happy birthday!

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