Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Monsoon / Haze

Sami Simpleton vs the Sky

The wind howled when it rose and it pounded heavily , rivaling the loud thrumming of her heart. The rain pelted fervently, covering the pavement with a thousand sparkling diamonds. In the midst of it all she stood, much like a deranged bride, veiled with a tempest of hair -damp, dark and disheveled.

She trembled. Not from the cold. But from too much courage.

Strangely formed clouds hovered above her and she raised her face up to them, challenging them, urging them to bring it on. Cool raindrops beat against her face without mercy but the currents of air quivered with her defiance.

She leaped over puddles with such admirable grace while dodging liquid bullets with her pink parasol. The wind persisted. And she fought on, with a kind of breathless intensity that only fools could possess. She finally reached her destination, dirty and dripping wet… but quite proud of herself.

Suddenly, out of the muddy haze, the sun emerged -all bright and buttery and gloating over its triumph.

Face turning crimson, she shook her umbrella angrily towards the sky. Then she shook her head, laughed and whistled a happy tune. One day, she’ll beat the heavens to its own game.

But for now, well, it’s a bright sunny day. =)

splendid burst of gold
changing the tide of battle
piercing through the clouds

Ligo Haibun Challenge


21 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Monsoon / Haze

  1. The sun has to play the spoilsport, always. The idea of her trembling from courage (and not fear) is really interesting. The girl defying the nature with her bravery. really lovely haibun, kz:)

  2. Ah kz, kz, it flows, it flows…a company could have you write about their product on the side of a cereal box and you would turn that into pure art. I would say there are one or two, or possibly three people on WordPress that I read and just become enamored again each time. It takes me a minute or two to come out of your spell every time I finish a piece of yours.

  3. kz I am in love with your imagery here. It’s brilliant, beautiful and (can’t think of the right words here) richly enthusing. From your words I have such a clear picture her in my mind. So very well written!

  4. This stood out from the rest. Love some of the imagery: tempest of hair, dodging liquid bullets… My first visit here – looking forward to reading more! Maureen :^)

  5. This left me smiling, but there was so much I enjoyed about this – dodging liquid bullets, the buttery gloating sun. Your decriptions are so rich and make the scene easy to imagine.

  6. What comes to mind here is a very determined young woman from the 1800’s (that pink parasol) – not letting the weather (and maybe not much else) tell her what to do! Very good!

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