Picture it & Write XIX


Ever told you about the day that I died?

It sucked.

Did it hurt?

Well, no actually.

Isn’t the human brain an awesome thing?

Anyway, it all happened so quickly.

At the edge of my vision, I saw something white and huge approaching me.

I remember being ran over.

I recall getting dragged.

My injury profusely generated a quickly spreading scarlet puddle.

It was a nasty battle.

When I thought I’d never be able to surf again,

that’s the day I felt like I died.

Took me a while to realize,

The shark bit off my limb.

Not my spirit.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

_picture it & write


21 thoughts on “Picture it & Write XIX

  1. Fantastic twist! When you are so passionate about a hobby or sport…if you suddenly become incapable of pursuing it…it CAN feel like you’ve died. I’ve heard that said a lot. If I could never write again, I’m sure I would struggle profusely. Thankfully, you’d have to do more than cut off some limbs to stop that. 😀 Thanks for contributing this week!

    – Ermisenda

  2. There was a case of a Navy diver being attacked by a Bull Shark during 2009 in Sydney Harbour. He lost a leg and one hand in one bite (seems his hand happened to be close to his leg at that moment). He wrote a book about his experience and recently dived (in a safe manner with other professionals) with Bull Sharks. Later he remarked that this had been quite a cathartic experience for him (it was filmed and screened on one of our current affairs programs recently). He is a very strong personality, and has gone on to lead an exceptional life.
    Proof that your words can indeed be real, and quite profound, kz….

    • exceptional indeed! 🙂 this was actually inspired by a film Soul Surfer (which was based on a true story of a surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her limb from a shark attack when she was 13) we could really learn a lot and gain so much inspiration from such real life stories

  3. I can’t count the times I’ve imagined this. Diving in shark-infested waters, you have to remind yourself constantly to look for them, and [shudders]… It makes for some nasty dreams after too. Glad to read, “thought I’d never surf”. After all, what are the odds it happens again?

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