Copyright-Claire Fuller

Copyright-Claire Fuller

When I was growing up, mom and I didn’t have the ideal relationship. We rarely talked.

It’s not that she was a bad mother or anything. She was ill. Like, mentally.

Still, she had her own way of reaching out to me… through her library.

One by one I read her books… the ones she read, the ones she didn’t…

And I knew her, in a way that other kids don’t get to know their moms.

Know how I got ‘the talk’? She left some sex-ed book outside my bedroom door…

Weird, I know. But she tried.

True story, btw.


© 2013 K.Z. Morano


61 thoughts on “Memoir

    • haha of course it’s unique, it’s a true story. my mom always gave me books to read. even when she hasn’t suffered from her breakdown yet ^^ then after, she still kept handing me books. though i ended up just reading lots of romance novels (ones she didn’t read at all) lol

  1. kz, your story made me think of what someone who didn’t know me would think about me based on the books I own or get from the library. An interesting thing to think about. 🙂 Your characters certainly had an abnormal relationship although it seemed at some level to work.


    • haha it’s true. my relationship with my mom was hardly normal. well, from, adolescent years to present at least.^^ thanks for reading my story ^^

  2. There seems to be so much going on here, in so few words. What a difficult relationship, as if mother-daughter relationships need more difficulty! I am left feeling curious about what else she learned of her mom. Really engaging story!

    • hmmn i learned that aside from our love for books, we’re nothing alike.. (but i’ve always known that since i was a kid). i found roses in books, old love letters, photos, even some cash in the pages. lol it was weird but fun. her library was my favorite place. ^^ thanks for reading. 🙂

    • awww thanks so much 🙂 means a lot to me. despite her ‘limitations’, my mom did try. makes me feel lucky still, cos at least she cares. 🙂

  3. KZ – Just hit me was a true story. A lot of power in it.I cannot imagine HOW I could/will/would explain anything about sex education to my daughters – the thought terrifies me!

    • lol i can only imagine how difficult and uncool the situation is. haha kids these days are pretty exposed to it, tv, internet, etc. even then, my mom never underestimated me. good luck with having the talk haha, but im sure you’ll find a way ^^ all depends on how close the parent-child relationship is, i suppose. but what do i

  4. Dear KZ,
    A rather poignant tale told in an honest voice. Good for you for being a perceptive daughter.
    I’m reminded of the time my mom bought a copy of “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask” (the book, not the movie). and then took the time to candidly discuss things with me. I’ll always love and respect her for that.

    • i think there’s a saying that goes ‘you are what you read’ or something. i guess there’s a bit of truth in it. though not totally ^^ thank you 🙂

  5. I loved this – I know it’s a true story – but she’d make a great character in a longer novel – I can picture a scene in front of a bookcase where her daughter tries to talk to her and she hands her books instead of replying:
    ‘So what do you think of my boyfriend, mum?’ Mother hands daughter The Girl Who Played With Fire
    ‘So you don’t like him then?’ Mother gives her Heart of Darkness
    I could go on…
    Unique and thought-provoking as always, kz.

    • haha yeah my mom’s an amusing character in real life. seems like she always has a book for everything. when i dared ask her about what course she thinks i should take up in college, she simply told me she has a book about it, and rummaged through the pile of her older books. haha thanks

  6. How interesting, kz….! Loved your story however, to view the ‘real’ side certainly opened a view to many relationships such as your relationship with your mother… Must be quite sad, at times; and yet I feel your acceptance and appreciation of a mother doing her best… Well done to you…..

  7. I also think this is the best one I read by you. This reminds me of a therapist I used to see. She saw I was interested in her books and rearranged her shelf so I could get to see more from the chair I usually sat in. Cured me too! Well, kind of.

  8. Sounds like your mother may have shared your shopaholic addiction, only hers was for books which, as it turns out, formed the lifeline between the two of you. While you may not be close in a mother-daughter-chatty sort of way, she seems to have a permanent place in your heart. Sensitive story, kz.

  9. Wow, KZ. I can see how you became a lifelong reader and a writer. Your writing always seems to me to be original, fearless and unflinching. I’m coming to expect that and a most surprising twist whenever I read your stories. Great job!

    • thank you 🙂 i started writing fiction only four-five moths ago. joining friday fictioneers and similar writing exercises has helped me a lot 🙂

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