Lessons From Wasps

Copyright-Janet Webb

Copyright-Janet Webb

“There is much to be learned from the female wasp… Great lessons on power.” Harere told her young niece at bedtime. “She who eats her rivals’ eggs while ensuring that her own survives becomes queen.”

Irisi’s eyes widened. “Are you queen?”

“Not yet,” Harere smiled. ”Your mother is. Because she has you… the king’s heir.”

“But I might have a brother soon.”, Irisi looked at Harere’s pregnant belly.

Harere nodded, her fingers caressing the dagger concealed underneath her kalasiris.



“Another lesson from wasps…” Irisi whispered, as her blade cut deep into Harere’s womb, “Never underestimate the little ones.”

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


42 thoughts on “Lessons From Wasps

  1. Nice twist! It’s about time that a royal child struck back. They’re always getting killed but never take out those who threaten them. Good one!

  2. Its the way she did it, the ‘deep’, her words afterwards, that are so galling – and it’s your wonderful cultural references in all your stories that sets you apart..with you we really travel..but most of all, what is disquieting is the way you always ensure the blade is ultra, ultra sharp…

  3. Ouch. I remember reading about how in another culture orphans from different countries where used to build the kings ‘stable’. And yet unplanned alliances were able to topple the best laid plans…

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