Love in the Dark

“Every Friday authors from around the world gather to share their 100 words based on the photo prompt and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. This creates a wonderful opportunity for free reading of very fresh fiction! Readers are encouraged to comment as well.”

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Blaine felt his way through the forbidden territory, careful not to wake anyone.

Not bothering to turn on the lights he explored her, inch by inch…

He ran his hands across every part of her.

In pitch black darkness, his senses intensified, he touched, groped, and caressed…

Emboldened, he began to taste.

Tentatively at first… Ever so slowly…

Then throwing all caution to the wind, he ventured farther… Not stopping until he knew he was acquainted with every inch of her.

The kitchen was his first love. Born to be a chef, not even his blindness could keep them apart.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


54 thoughts on “Love in the Dark

  1. Well, as long as he knows where the scissors are and knives, and doesn’t come down naked, the love affair should survive! Well done kz – pS with glance at other shortly and send email soon…

  2. Oh KZ you are devious! I expected this to be what everyone else will. Such tantalizing scene! I can imagine that someone who is blind would have this kind of relationship as they enjoy the room in a way different from those with all their faculties intact.

    • haha to be honest, i thought by the end of the story, everyone’s gonna go “awwww”. instead everyone’s laughing at, or maybe even furious about, the misdirection haha

  3. This was a sweet story. I came here expecting a murder-type story, and that’s what I thought I was reading, and then the nice little revelation at the end. I liked this a lot and I liked that it was a departure from the types of stories I read over the last couple of weeks. If I were to offer one bit of concrit it would be that, at least for me, the word “emboldened” sounded kind of awkward and overly dramatic in my mind.

  4. You had me! The last line switched it all around. But after I re-read the story with a chef-kitchen in mind rather than two people, it still strikes true with sensuality. Cheers to you that it still works well with a person loving their craft.

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