Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ “And We Danced…”


“And we danced… ‘tis macabre dance… ‘tis nightmarish ballet of life and death. Th’ Gragonia slashed at me, bloodyin’ her knifelike talons as they scraped ‘gainst me eye. Stirred by th’ scent o’ blood wafting in the air, the beast opened her mouth, baring jagged razor-sharp incisors and dribblin’ revoltingly. When she lunged at me, I jumped to the side and sent her hulking form clawin’ in the air and losin’ balance. Again, she sprang towards me, possessed by murderous frenzy… her other senses, dulled by her blindin’ rage. With a final graceful pirouette, I averted her attack, sendin’ her divin’ towards the window … My applause, the horrifyin’ sounds of her guttural cries and the deafening thud of her hellish corpse reverberatin’ through the misty walls of the ancient donjon.”

Cutthroat Carolyn spat on the sand and through the blistering bonfire, looked at her mate. “And that,” she continued, “Be how I lost me eye.” She then adjusted the patch over her perfectly okay eye.

Frisky Foureyes squinted through her glasses. Th’ scallywag be lyin’ , she knew. But she liked her stories. She knew too that she has to come up wit’ a better story ’bout how she has four eyes instead ‘o a pair.

Takes two to tango
And I ain’t make me fiction
Without me readers 😉

220 words

Fiction is a waltz
By the writer and reader
Words as melody

Written for Ligo Haibun Challenge



30 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ “And We Danced…”

    • hahasince you’re part of the lady band o’ pirates, i might write about yer adventures soon as well. that’s if ye don;t mind lol ^^

    • hahaha don’t be believin’ anythin’ ye hear ’bout me lady band o’ pirates.. only what’s scribed by me lol ^^ i had great fun with this ^^

  1. Aye, ‘tis a grand tale that one, me sweetie; I’ve tole it many a time, an’ many a soft bellied scoundrel pirate woman has believed; nay ye and Frisky Foureyes wit her google eyes a peepin’ and a peerin’ out like a Gragonian’s putrid sweat. Be t’is on yer blood, me sweetie

    Kz the pirate
    Be telling tales out of school
    Gragonian wench…..

  2. ARR! I lurve this, kz! You be tellin’ amazin’ stories, ye. And that scallywag Cutthroat Carolyn and I could be sharin’ some eyes the both of us.
    You can call me Frisky Foureyes from now on 😉

  3. A tall tale well told. Pull the cork from the keg and toast the teller of tales or face the fate of a thousand souls.

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