Her Name was Lily

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Her name’s Lily.

Like the flower… but she was born a star.

Tinseltown’s in her blood.

There’s just something between her and the camera.. a sensuous love affair.

How she’d pout those sultry lips… Oh I adored her!

So did everyone else…

But never has her name caused greater clamor than when they found her in the tub that night… cold, lifeless…

Famous actress: OD’d – classic Hollywood story. We mourned.

Mama always said, “Eve, they ain’t gon’ hand you the spotlight, honey. You’re gonna have to steal it.”

Oh Mama, you never told me I’d have to kill for it.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

Inspired by one of my fave old Hollywood films 🙂 I’m pretty sure you can guess it


51 thoughts on “Her Name was Lily

  1. I am sure the marketers of the lily never imagined it would make everyone think of death. The overwhelming bulk of FF stories so far have death as their theme. A good tale KZ.

    • haha haven’t read the other stories yet but i certainly will.. prolly coz they look good for funerals ^^ thanks for droppin by ^^

  2. HAHA! Oh there’s blood on you hands, Lady Kz, there’s blood on your hands, since you started this blog, and maybe before…great fun that one, in a devilish way of course…

    • haha i remembered what you said about the ghosts of the people i’ve murdered in my stories.. how they’d all go out and haunt me.. (which would make for a great story btw) ^^

  3. Oh, this was really well done, you got a lot of different emotions across in so few words, left me unsure how to feel about your narrator – very good story.

  4. What price fame? Oh, Eve, I think you did a bad, bad thing! This was well written and a lot of fun to read.

  5. It is absolutely true. For some reason the Lily picture has really brought out the murder story this week! Nice piece, was she an understudy? Lovely twist at the end, like a crazed fan that kills their idol. Lovely writing.

  6. oh my. killing to get the spotlight. just not sure it’s going to turn out to be the kind of light she wants. great story 🙂

  7. Wow… From someone who was close to “show biz”…I knew a few of those killers who would do anything to get ahead (like “All About Eve)…Even some famous ones…but not revealing names…lol. Nice work.

  8. Well done. I enjoyed the changes of mood and tone throughout. I can’t tell from the last line whether Eve’s saddened by her actions or not, which is good. I think she is, but then again…

  9. Dear Kz,

    I loved the final line, a fitting end to a good story. The lure of the lights and easy reward were sparingly but clearly told in your tawdry tale of tinseltown and temptation.



  10. Rather chilling! I was about to share the post on FB after reading the beginning… my grand daughter’s name is Lilly…

    No, it’s good but the end sent a shiver down my spine!

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