Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt: Fortune Favours The Brave


They were an odious assembly… a female pirate, a noble and his bondsman of monstrous build. All brought together by the lure of gold… the only survivors of a crew lost from disease, the traitorous tides and an evil far more fatal – greed.

“Someone has to stay and guard the mouth of the cave.”, Lord Tybalt bellowed.

“I’ll not be hornswaggled by ye!”, the Pirate started but felt the bondservant’s knife pressed against her throat. “Take care, wench, for I may take your life, have we no need for your knowledge of the sea.”

With a nod from Tybalt, the two armed men proceeded towards the semidarkness — the walls of the cavernous shell damp, malodorous and pulsating with maleficence.

The small boat carried two chests laden with treasure but more was to be found inside. When they saw it, they were near-paralyzed by its sheer resplendence… Yet the vigorous pull of a heaving chest caused an infernal quake.

Rowing back towards the ship, the Pirate shuddered then crossed herself upon hearing her companions’ bloodcurdling screams. The fools have gone straight to the womb of Neptuna… the ferocious carnal beast of the sea, feeding on men who dared enter her lair… and bestowing riches upon those who deliver them to her.

Fortune favours the bold
Aye, but the cunning too.

220 words

Siren song of gold
Nothing inspires courage more
Than its blinding gleam.

Written for Ligo Haibun Challenge


18 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt: Fortune Favours The Brave

    • Ahoy, matey! i shall change th’ “built” to “build” .. hearty thanks fer droppin’ by ^^ always appreciate ye comments harrharr

  1. Great story. I am laughing reading the comments. Ye’ve run up the jolly roger and hit the high seas lookin’ for bloody treasure!

    • Ahoy, matey! ^^ not just bloody treasure … but blood 🙂 Yo-ho-ho, I had a ruckas answerin’ comments 😉 hearty thanks fer stoppin’ by

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  3. How absolutely splendid this is. I loved it. To me it reads as if it was part of a larger story (book) that I would very much enjoy reading. Just simply excellent, and great fun too! Penny 🙂

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