Last Moments

copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

I remember her eyes… Incandescent puddles of deep purple… And how exquisite they were… Particularly during that moment. I remember how her hand felt in mine. Elegant fingers that lovingly caressed the piano’s ebony keys…

It was our last moment together.

I remember how my heart pummeled in my ears… the rush that nearly sent me to the edge… The thrill of a split-second decision… The emotions when I let her go.

Like a favorite black and white film in slow motion, I watched it.

How my beautiful sister tumbled down the stairs… Her perfection never to bother me again.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

ps currently mobile so hope you don’t mind if i read your stories later ^^


61 thoughts on “Last Moments

  1. I really didn’t know if I should hit the like button, it was so tantalisingly beautiful (I adored incandescent puddles of purple) – I thought male/female…then I reached the last line. You have done a simply marvellous job once again kz.

  2. Like your story line a lot, the hatred hidden while expressed so carefully through positive images and the twist at the end.

    I confess I’m not a fan of “incandescent puddles of purple” partly because I think it took away from the reality (who has purple eyes) and partly because to my mind it doesn’t sound as elegant as the rest of the prose. It also reminded me of a dog. 🙂 In this line, “how her hand felt like in mine”, you can gain a word and make it grammatically correct by simply saying “how her hand felt in mine” or you could go with “what her hand felt like in mine.”


        • totally fine ^^ good that you mentioned it, great point coz it’s really unusual. i was thinking violet, like elizabeth taylor ^^ but then at the last minute i was like puddles and purple sounds nice coz of the p & p haha

          • I think “puddles of violet” would sound better or even “pools” which, although used more often, sounds more elegant than puddles. “Deep wells of violet?” I was just looking online for synonyms for “puddle” and I don’t think “mudhole” would be a good choice. LOL!


  3. “You bad bad girl”! funniest comment I read there! I won’t even MENTION the “L” word!!!! You DO like to play with your readers, don’t you kz! Hahahahaha!!!!

        • oh when we were kids, my brother actually told my father that i pushed him down the stairs. so i got scolded. what he said was of course, a total lie! he stole my cd’s and when i grabbed them, he told me to “let go”. and so i did. hence, the he wasn’t hurt.. it was actually pretty funny

          • kz!….”what he said was of course, a total lie”! Um…let’s just say people might avoid standing next to you on stairs…you might seek inspiration again!…”he told me to let go and so I did” and it was “pretty funny” have me really chuckling…methinks the author’s story is almost as good as her stories she writes!

  4. Brutal ending. I have to go with Janet on the purple eyes…I have never seen a person with purple eyes. Was sort of wishing for a lesbian scene at the end but ohhh well you can’t win them all.


  5. Great! As the ugly duckling of three sister (now the swan, by the way) I genuinely enjoyed this little melodrama. Great build up to the nasty end! Also, we had a fabulous staircase – not quite this fabulous, but a lot of horror could be evoked with it…

  6. Oh wow, very powerful. Didn’t see that end coming, but it made perfect sense when it did. Loves the descriptive phrases, – ‘Incandescent puddles of deep purple’ – lovely.

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