Copyright Beth Carter

Copyright Beth Carter

“Ready?,” Damon asked, voice trembling with fear.

Zoe squeezed his hand, “Let’s get outa here.”

His face grim, Damon slammed the modified Stutz into gear and floored the accelerator.

Instinctively, they ducked in unison as the car broke past the gates then plowed into the mob of slow-moving corpses. Nauseating fetor assaulted their nostrils as decaying bodies were impaled by the spiked cow catchers and the wheels’ spinning blades.

“We did it!” Damon let out a deafening howl of relief.

His laughter trailed off at the blank expression in Zoe’s eyes.

She opened her mouth then lunged at him.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


54 thoughts on “Joyride

    • me too. i don’t even watch zombie movies. hate hate hate them >< ick! i think i may be running out of stories, to the point of writing one about them. lol thank you

    • whew hard prompt. wanted to write something like a continuation of your house story then ending with Rich being the seller of the automobile (from older stories of other writers) haha ^^ but i chose to go this way instead. thanks ^^

  1. Nothing says good morning like zombies. 🙂 Nice twist at the end, too. My only quibble is that the two words “Malodorous fetor” basically mean the same thing so maybe you could word that slightly differently. Otherwise, well done.


  2. “Nauseating fetor assaulted their nostrils as decaying bodies were impaled by the spiked cow catchers and the wheels’ spinning blades.” Most gross–certainly as horrifying as a zombie’s bite. Good job.

  3. That’s why, as nice as they are, convertibles just aren’t very useful during a zombiepocalypse. Neither are motorcycles, no matter what we may think we’ve learned from the Walking Dead. 🙂

  4. Dear Kz,
    I just hate days like that. Dead, smelly bodies everywhere and then the girl turns into a zombie. Damn the luck. Definitely time for a new car and a new girlfriend. Well, that’s if he lives through the experience. Inventive take for sure.

  5. Nice work. I was almost rolling my eyes, thinking that yet another person had used the name Damon (Daemon, Damion) for the secretly bad guy, when BOOM! Poor, innocent Damon gets attacked by his sweet little passenger girl! Super twist!

  6. Well done, KZ. It’s always good to write about something different to see how it feels even if it’s not your natural choice. It stops us getting in a rut, and it’s good practice. Otherwise I’d be writing zombie stories every week!

  7. Oh, Zoe! I love zombies and I loved this story. I think you did an excellent job with detail here for so few words. Good job!

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