Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt **South America

She was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires…

Sprung from the voluptuous hip of a prostitute, planted with the seed of her lustful lovers during one of their heated trysts. She was raised in a bordello amidst fervid bacchanals and intoxicated carousals… Born at a time and place where intimate body contact between an unmarried man and woman was frowned upon, she was considered an outcast and kept from the snobbish society that condemned her origins. Deemed by the arrogant upper-class as lowly and indecent, and thus whose presence was unwelcome in their sophisticated affairs, she continued to dwell amongst the creatures of the night. There, she was welcome and became a favorite. For years, her home was with the common folk and immigrants and she flourished with their love. Neither the society’s superciliousness nor narrow-minded ways were enough to prevent her from blossoming into a woman – bold, passionate, and strong. It was the 20th century when fate carried her to Paris which was swept by the tide of contemporary revolution. She was practiced, polished, perfected… and it wasn’t long before she graced the reputable dance halls of Europe. When she returned, even the Argentine aristocracy embraced her with open arms. Far from her humble roots, we know the Tango today as elegant, beautiful, a dance of the elite…

220 words

Sparks unquenched by time
Destined to engulf the world
In smoldering flames.

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30 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt **South America

  1. Sometimes you really blow me away kz. And to know you carried out research, so that it is really authentic just adds so much to it, though what really stunned me is the semantics here,and the lexicon – your choice of descriptive words and phrases that play with each other. I am not sure I even dare read again, as being stunned twice is too much…not joking actually!
    I need to read your earlier stuff to see if you always wrote like this! I have to admit I’m a little worried you might be wasting your talent just blogging…none of my business of course!

    • i read my stuff and i most certainly did not write like this .. also because i didn’t care much back then. remember before, i’d pull a story out of my ass within minutes? lol i realized that was kinda wrong.. passable, yes, but very unfair to readers… and of course, to myself. now i put effort in stories and now i feel pride in them.. 🙂 hmmn wasting? but i thought i was training or practicing or something..

    • i’d never consider blogging a waste.. come to think of it, more or less 2 mos. ago, i didn’t even write fiction! remember, i’d write easy stuff in rhyming words? so it’s awesome, i think, what blogging has done. and also, the encouragements from readers, and yours too. so yeah, i’ll consider it.though there are definitely times that i doubt 🙂

  2. Fantastic flair for the ethnicity of the setting you created. This was an enjoyable read, and it made me curious enough to return for more of your wonderful words.

  3. You’re most deserving of an honourable mention, kz, with this wonderful swirling tango of words, followed by a powerful haiku that declares “the dance will go on!”. You have a most unique voice, so full of energy.

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