Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 67


our inspiration, Chiyo-Ni’s haiku:

the dew of the rouge flower
when it is spilled
is simply water

my modern interpretation of the haiku, as i understood it:

Delusions of love
Carmine lips built for passion
Brief springtime affair.

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27 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 67

  1. ”As you understood it” indeed Miss kz, you made me chuckle – your haiku is full,rich, really like it’s intensity, but can’t quite see the ”modern connection” thus my charmed chuckle!

    • hmm ok umm i thought Chiyo-Ni’s style here in this haiku was to present things as they are, peel away whatever illusions one had and see things plain, clear and simple. also, to undestand how some beautiful things are fleeting. hence, my haiku.. ^^ which could mean two things of course. no promises of forever, just a fling. also, when taken literally, that the flowers and its beauty are simply here to stay for spring..then no more.. so for me, it’s kind of a “wake up and see things and take them as they are — straight up” kind of haiku by Chiyo-Ni hehehe ^^

  2. Kz – really, do it, have a look at the oldest stories and edit – great, great way self-improving, and fun. Then just change the published date. You can tell readers sometimes. Other times, why tell?
    Good luck.

  3. The modern interpretation? More open perhaps, but I suspect Chiyo-Ni was well acquainted with the fleeting passions of spring (and youth) The vision of carmine lips in the middle of your verse, lit up the whole poem for me!

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