Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 62

Mournful elegy
Sung by the ancient church bells
Gray pigeons scatter.

Nostalgic tinkle
Around the Sorbetero
The children gather.

word for today: Bell

23 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 62

  1. Awesome! That’s something I can relate to. The icecream seller came every day in our street. We knew that he came before he even had entered our street because his tinkling bell we could hear from far away. Thank you for bringing back this childhood memory

    • haha yeah, one could hear the faint sound of that bell from a distance ^^ it’s like it’s allowing one enough time to run downstairs and out of the house and to the street haha

    • that’s what we call it here haha! “dirty” ice cream ^^ the manner of preparation and handling must surely be questionable. my mom strongly forbade me to buy it but i got green-eyed every time i saw other kids.picture me crying by the but for the love of ice cream, i eventually managed to get some.we don’t have ice cream trucks of course so Mr. Sorbetero is definitely an epic part of a Pinoy’s childhood ^^

  2. Love the first one.

    Second was a surprise.
    Back in the 50’s an ice cream vendor would peddle around on a contraption like a bicycle with an ice box mounted on it some how.
    I had forgotten about it.

    Old memory renewed.


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