Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 59

remember antm cycle 4? on one episode, everyone posed as embodiments of the “seven sins”


Buried in riches
It’s too bad there’s no Prada
In the afterlife.

Under his table
Dogs and beggar grappling
Over scraps that fall.

Inside holy ground
Friar wraps fat fingers ‘round
Widow’s last silver.

Classic tale of greed
Dog covets another’s bone
Hence, ended with none.

Today’s sin: Greed

*last haiku – surely you remember from when you were kids? The tale of the greedy dog? ^^

**A scheduled post. and prolly my only post for this day. Having said all that, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ^^ wow that was xoxo


27 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 59

  1. Ah but if the afterlife is a fantasy world then Prada abounds 😉

    Little tip on Prada, don’t buy it overseas and bring into Australia as luggage, use it, they sting you import duties!!!

    • oh. and here i thought the afterlife’s a place where people can walk around freely in their birthday suit– without malice of course ^^ thanks for the tip
      happy valentines day 🙂

  2. That second haiku is just superb – so raw, and real, and sad. Very much a classic; honest to the nature of haiku – saying it how it is…… comment!! 4th…yes…3rd…well, of course…he probably let his hands stray when she was around too…

    • yes, quite likely that he wraps his fat fingers around her too >< very gross. and i get angry when i think about such injustices over women.
      happy valentines day 🙂

  3. You are just so good

    First is light-hearted
    Second is heavy-hearted – and sadly all too true
    Third reminds me of the Vatican
    Don’t know the greedy dog’s tale, but I can imagine


    • let me.. let me… ^^ so there was this dog who was hungry then found himself a juicy piece of bone. he carried it in his mouth, casting angry, guarded looks at everyone as though they’re gonna steal the bone from him.on his way home, he passed by a stream. there, he saw his own reflection. he actually thought it was another dog and he wanted to have the other dog’s bone too!! but when he opened his mouth to steal it, down fell his bone.. into the stream, never to be seen again. in the end, he went home hungry as ever. the end. 🙂

  4. Very good haiku
    the 1st : remind me not to be too attached and focus on material things in life.
    the 2nd : remind me on a chapter in bible about the rich and the poor
    the 3rd : remind me on the old dark days when church was corrupted
    the 4th : remind me to be content and grateful for what I have and don’t lust for others

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