The Līgo Haībun Challenge: MELT


My Dearest Emilia,

It feels like centuries since I last held you in my arms. Everyday, I pass Willoughby’s garden and it brings back fond memories of how we would sneak past the servants to meet there. Not that I need anything to remind me of you… of your lovely face bathed in the moonlight’s incandescent beams… and that kiss that has allowed me to catch a brief glimpse of eternity… However, I’m thankful for the handkerchief you gave me. I swear, Emilia, you were never any good with needlework. How you pass as a lady, I’d never know. But that’s one of the reasons why I love you so. I carry it close to my heart… I need something of yours to keep me warm.

I do believe there is a time and place for us, Emilia. One more understanding… An era more enlightened, free from the shackles of ignorance… A world not governed by the laws that has kept us apart…

A world where we could be.

When that time comes, my soul shall find yours.

My husband still believes that I could be thawed… that perhaps his kisses shall melt my icy exterior. He’s a patient man, but a fool. How is he to have my heart when I have given all to you.

Yours forever,


220 words

Candlesticks melted
By tongues of oppressive flames
Thawed but never gone.

Write a 220 word post about “melt” and end with a haiku 🙂
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A Letter to Emilia – the continuation


34 thoughts on “The Līgo Haībun Challenge: MELT

  1. Oh the haiku fits so well! As does the line about needlework..that felt odd…but then just looks so charming when one understands..this is one of the most touching stories I have read, and when you know the whole story and read again, the sentences take on and carry new meaning – like the centuries etc – means this was planned impeccably.The kiss and brief glance of eternity is such a powerful line. Thanks so much KZ.

    • not too tearful for yerpirate’s taste? ^^ thank you for encouraging me to join ^^ yes i was hoping that at the end, it’ll all make sense to the reader.. the words in the letter, even the photo.. i’d like them to read the letter with new eyes as well 🙂

    • oh i get what you mean with the needlework.. i rearranged the sentences – just rearranged the order — so it’d be clearer. it’s to refer to the sloppily embroidered handkerchief given to her by emilia ^^ glad you pointed that out

      • I don’t remember exactly what I said – some words of praise, because this is so beautifully done. Oh – and the surprise at the end to discover they are both women. And, obviously, it struck something deep inside me. Funny how that works.

        Just saw something on TV about Oscar Wilde. He went to prison for being homosexual. So their longing for “A world not governed by the laws that has kept us apart” is so very true and real.

        I’m quite sure my comment appeared before it disappeared, and I think that has happened here before. Word Press really does hate me.


    • jazz!! i read the response.. it’s awesome ^^ i was thrilled like i was actually opening an old secret love letter from long ago… you just made all this seem so real. thank you

  2. Aww.. such a sweet letter, full of love. And the emotions overpower you when you read it till the end. Loved your play of words, Kz. And the haiku in the end completed the letter perfectly.

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