I part my lips to partake
Of your flesh,
Drinking deeply
From your cup of blood;
I chose eternal damnation
Over a path of gold,
Our unholy bond
The only heaven I’ll know.

*I like the challenge of writing in 33 words ^^ I never actually thought I’d be able to express something through just a few words but yey I did. I urge you guys to join. ^^ (click on the button for instructions)

51 thoughts on “PATH

  1. You really captured the scene here in 33 words… I’m not sure I could write an adquete reply to your post in only 33 words, let alone come up with something that creative. I’m far too wordy (37 words and counting)…

  2. Deep and dark, just as I like it. well done. I’ve come to love the 33 word challenges too BTW but tend to leave the mental exhaustion for the weekend, lazy me!

  3. Wow!Loved this!A great balance of the right elements to keep the reader at the edge!Loved the lines,”I chose eternal damnation Over a path of gold”-wonderful!:-)

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