Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 43


With rampant passion,
Evening sun sends sea aflame
Caressed by its rays.

Fatal serenade
Hungry Sirens soon will climb
Jolly sailor boats.

Yellow evening sun
Lovers locked in sweet embrace
Bathing in its rays.

Phrase for today: Evening Sun

Kristjaan’s awesome write-up about Shiki made me wanna figure out my own haiku style.. I believe it’s a little bit of this and that… I’ve always loved including nature and its ways.. as well as comparing animals,plants and even inanimate objects with humans.. and at times, even run away with imagination and write of Mythological creatures. I’ve also seen that with fellow haiku writers at Carpe diem. i love it. versatility’s a wonderful thing 🙂


17 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 43

  1. Rampant passion, fatal serenade…beautiful haiku. Yet not that calm “flowers and butterflies” beauty but the one bringing mansoon along. No matter how sweetly lovers are bathing, there’re always your flames, kz. 🙂

  2. I can see and read that you’re all into haiku KZ … and your style is very personal with it’s own strong , but balanced in harmony with the classical rules, influence. I love to see how you have grown in your haiku.
    This trio of haiku is wonderfully done. My favorite however is the third one especially that second line ‘lovers locked in embrace’. Really a nice haiku. Thank you for sharing these with us on Carpe Diem.

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