Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 38

I lay counting sheep
Air full of heather and mist
Pipes played in my head.

I don’t know what on earth a heath is. haha and i’m too lazy to wanna think too much about it.
when i come across the word, all I could see is 1500 Scotland and oatcakes and cattle raids and romance and handsome lairds and muscular legs in plaid.


13 thoughts on “Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 38

  1. Very inspiring, I’m going to use heath in my Haiku. ( don’t know the meaning myself, and what’s the meaning of ‘Carpe diem’, not joking, really want to know.

  2. I’m not sure what was better, your haiku or your footnote after the haiku – you certainly made me smile, and the Scottish tourist board would like your description of Scottish men! Nice soft haiku…enjoyed it…

  3. The heath is where you find the heather. And I suppose Scotland is a good place to look for it.
    For not knowing what you were talking about, I’ll say you constructed a very nice haiku.

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