Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 36

My little brother
Wore our mama’s shoes and pearls
To hush my crying.

*Every time mama would go to school (yes she had us when she was very young), I’d always cry. When that happens, my little brother,a year younger than me, would emerge from the closet wearing her heels and jewelry. He’d pretend that he’s mama and would tell me to stop crying coz “she’s here now” and oddly enough, it worked. Mention it to him now and he’d deny every word of it. lol ^^

Mem’ries in the tub
Mama gently rubs my back
Floating rubber ducks.

Today’s phrase: Sweet Memories


23 thoughts on “Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 36

  1. That was very nice – you wrote two haiku with real depth and sincerety, but you didn’t get too sweet about it – just right. That’s more than two simple haiku there.

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