Picture it & Write X

Every fortnight the fantastic ermiliablog hosts a photograph suggested by contributors. People are urged to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. Poems, stories, even comments by readers are welcome.


Nipples taut…

Mouth agape…

Fingers clawed…

Body twisted…

Eyes shut from waves of desire that sweep through her very soul…

He loves seeing them like this…

In the throes of passion.

This is when a woman truly reveals herself… Fierce, hungry, vulnerable, powerful, exultant… all at the same time. He’d marvel at the maelstrom of emotions flashing through their faces… Pain, pleasure, joy, contentment, gratitude… and at times, a twinge of guilt. A woman would never reveal as much as she would in those very brief moments… That fraction of a second right before she reaches the peak… before she explodes into miniscule fragments of dust and her sanity disappears in a cloud of smoke… That precise moment in between the time when her breath catches and when a stream of convulsions begin coursing through her body – that is when she becomes sheer perfection. An insurmountable force of nature – but one that he understood. It is, in fact, the only time that he ever truly understands them. Otherwise, women remain a mystery.

He lay panting heavily on the floor…exhausted, sated… His hard body glistening with sweat. He turned his head to look at the exquisite form beside him…. The beginning of something beautiful. He raked his eyes down from the delicate features of her face to her voluminous breasts, prominent underneath the plastic sheath. As he expected, the sight had again filled him with inspiration. Feeling a renewed sense of vigor, he pulled himself to his feet and started gathering materials. There is much to be done. Another masterpiece to create and a body to get rid of.

22 thoughts on “Picture it & Write X

  1. Haha, I asked Brit what she thought while I was writing mine and she suggested cryogenics, maybe a freeze ray. I said, “She’s not very nipply for freezing.”

    Had the serial killer at “He”, and so this was an interesting look into his mind or his heart or his garbage pail or whatever makes those crackpots tick. The one thing that really stuck out the most for me was… “His hard body glistening with sweat.” Like I have always been so turned off by hard-bodies – sorry anyone who is – like anyone who spends that much time on themselves had got to be creeper. Fun to touch though.

    Anyway… haha, you obviously got me thinking. Good job, kz!

  2. Wowee, kz… this is perhaps my favourite…! Your images were quickly grasped; your appreciation of the art of sex tells me volumes about you, and your masterful ending was indeed satisfying…!

  3. Oh boy! Kz you wrap me totally in your words.. What imagery you’ve created in the first para and his moving onto make another masterpiece in the second. Good job!

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