Things of the Past


My head was pounding so hard, I almost fainted.

I stared at the man in the photograph. Even before I read the message at the back, I knew who he was.

I have his eyes.

It’s been two years since Mama passed and even then, packing away her belongings brought a lump in my throat…

“Rachel, dinner’s ready. Your favorite..……. What’s up, sweetie?”

For the first time since Mama’s death, his smile reached his eyes.

“I’ll be right down.… Papa.” Saying the last word out loud made me feel better.

I left the photograph where it belonged… In the past.


76 thoughts on “Things of the Past

  1. Dear kz,
    You’ve written a tender story that ends with just the right note. The young lady made the right decision. While the man in the photo may be her father, the man downstairs is her dad…papa/ Well done.

  2. Such a moving story, Kz.. And I’m glad she left the photo in the past. The right thing to do.. You are so fast in creating stories for all these prompts! 🙂

  3. Dear KZ,

    Your story is multifaceted and well written. I love watching your stories grow in complexity and nuance and your writing wings unfold in the sun of Friday Fictioneers. Well done.



  4. Oh my. Yes, better to let whatever happened between mama and “photo man” stay buried, and appreciate Papa for himself. Nicely written – you never spell out what the narrator realized, but by the end of the story it’s perfectly clear.

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