Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 30

Heated arguments
Fueled by embers of lust
Fighting’s just foreplay.

Two old lovers meet
Underneath the pleasantries,
The embers still live.

Life falls in pattern
Their eyes — exhausted embers
Beyond renewal.

Embers of desire
Oh that maddening first touch
Our bodies on fire.

I made three coz I wanted to capture three four different stages of relationships ^^ Hopefully you’re in the first.and last. (oh i rather like the first) 😉 lol

Word for today: Embers


24 thoughts on “Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 30

    • what,no way! KEEP WRITING! each person has his/her own unique style.. i have never thought i’d love writing haiku and fiction up until i started this blog around 3-4 months ago.. i think the daily practice helps 🙂

  1. A well balanced series of haiku on each stage of a relationship. Really awesome. I am glad that you have started writing haiku … and it’s true … daily practice will help to grow. But the most important thing is feel free to write, don’t hold on to the rules of haiku … write them right from the heart and they will become stronger … Thank you for sharing on Carpe Diem every day.

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