Picture it & Write IX

Every fortnight the fantastic ermiliablog hosts a photograph suggested by contributors. People are urged to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. Poems, stories, even comments by readers are welcome.


She sauntered across the room in a dreamlike state, taking everything in… Earlier she had donned on his white shirt, wearing nothing underneath it. This one has always been her favorite.. She pulled the collar to her nose and inhaled the warm, musky smell of him. God, it made her giddy. Music was playing loudly in the background. Beethoven’s Symphony #5. She never really understood classical music. She grew up listening to punk rock. But she loved that he listened to it… and she waltzed to it and she twirled about over and over ‘til she fell on the bed giggling to herself. She loved that he’s smart and sensitive and so mature… So unlike the boys from school. He’s a better lover too… She was so sick of high school boys and their sloppy kisses and she cringed at the memory of clumsy fingers pushing and prodding her. But with him, it was different… his kisses were gentle and his fingers… ohh his fingers.. She ran her hands over her body, stirred by the thought of him… One hand caressed her breasts and the other she slid between her thighs… When she closed her eyes to the memory of his hot, sweaty body on top of her, she writhed in ecstasy.

She got up and wandered off to the dresser. She picked up what appeared to be a jewelry box made out of fragments of glass from a myriad of colors. It popped open to reveal a gold wristwatch with a slender chain and without hesitation, she put it on and held her arm out to admire it. She picked up a heavy perfume bottle. Sheer Veil by Vera Wang. Slowly, she removed the cap and daintily sprayed a bit of it on her wrist. “So.. this is what she smells like huh…”, she thought. Beside it was a picture frame with a photo of a happy couple… The man’s handsome with perfect white teeth and laugh lines at the corner of his eyes. Underneath his blue shirt, one can tell he’s well-built and what few gray hairs he has seemed to only add to his appeal. She smiled as she ran her finger along the delicate silver frame. The woman, on the other hand was plain-looking, with mousy brown hair and elfin features… but her eyes seemed kind and her smile radiant. And her husband loves her. Her blood instantly filled with venom and the frame went crashing on the floor.

She placed both hands on her belly and hot tears started rolling down her cheeks as she recalled the events of last week. It was a rainy night and they were talking inside his car. She had just told him the news that she was pregnant and he had strongly denied that it is his. He said he was gonna help her out… give her some pills… but that was the end of it. She was never to see him again. He said he was happy with his life and that he would never want to ruin what he had with his wife. She cried and pleaded and she had wrapped her arms around him but he pushed her away, saying that the “infatuation” will have to end… Well she wasn’t gonna let him forget her. That one night they spent together when he was tutoring her had meant everything to her. So no, she won’t let herself be forgotten. She was gonna fuck their lives up in a major way.

She glanced at the wristwatch. 10 minutes to 10 am. Almost time for them to get home from church. Calmly, she ran a bath, slipped out of the white shirt and let it drop on the bathroom floor. She sank herself in the soothing water. Yes, this was exactly how she had planned it… she let out a sort of derisive laughter as she imagined the look of horror in his wife’s face when she sees her there, naked, covered in her delicious pear glace bubbles. A little after 10 am, the door flung open. She held his gaze for a while then a slow smile curved her lips. “Hello, professor,” she said sweetly.

“Tammy! N—“

She opened her mouth wide, put the gun in and pulled the trigger.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

38 thoughts on “Picture it & Write IX

  1. Holy shit kz! You did it again girl. Always the twist at the end. I knew from the beginning there’d be a twist, I was just waiting for it to come, but it still caught me completely by surprise. Well done.

  2. This was weird. You know how sometimes you relate to a different character? The mousy brown hair switched me over to become the wife and suddenly this girl was going through my stuff, spraying my perfume. The words, “And her husband loves her,” were almost more painful than finding her naked in my bath would have been. Crazy twisted girl. Crazy twisted story. Good job!

    • haha.. yup.. the scandal… impregnating a minor.. the marriage screwed beyond repair… and he can kiss his profession goodbye too … not to mention the image that’ll haunt his conscience. lol 🙂 thanks

  3. A great twisted story. I didn’t expect the ending! Spellingbinding storytelling. Great lead up to the end. Thanks for contributing this week with your dark tale. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    • thanks so much ^^ yes.. the nail polish and the way she’s gripping the sides of the tub looks like it’s really asking for a sad story ^^

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