Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 27

Wet walls pulsating
Warm, welcoming and aching
To be discovered.

Word for today: Cave


22 thoughts on “Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 27

  1. Did you know, kz, that some archeologists speculate that the ancient people thought of the cave as a symbolic birth canal? I can’t make this stuff up!

    I love you haiku!

  2. I really like he honesty in your writing, and the that it is multi-layered, This haiku is poignant, as well as lustful, and needs to be read in different moods for different effects. Thanks kz.

  3. Adventure, promise, beauty of…discovering…they are resonating, those lines of yours! 🙂
    And, yes, just like you’ ve said – this one would go very nicely with JzB’ s first photo. Great minds think alike 😉

  4. What an innocent cave you have described! Or… you meant something else…? A spelunking invitation, yes, hehehe.

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