Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 26

Whistling crescendo
In faint spotlight, nightingale
Performs solo act.

Sympathetic moon
Offers her delicate glow
Young lovers elope.

Hair of silv’ry sheen
Gossamer wings, the moon’s child
Lovely faerie queen.

Blades of green softened
Slow-dancing in pale moonlight
Grass stains on my feet.

task: see, hear, feel, smell
i used Moon as inspiration
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23 thoughts on “Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 26

  1. Unstoppable…4 haiku now..all of quality, each with their own merit. Each reader also has their own ‘stronger’ sense. Mine is kinesthetic, so ‘Blades of green’….. attracts me most. There is also a natural sensuality to it I like.

    • thank you.. i wanted to write more but had to stop right there.. afraid it would be i only wanted to post the first haiku as it seemed the closest to the inspiration. but oh well.. i get confused with a prompt, you get four. lol

  2. Delicious set of haiku inspired by the Moon. I have enjoyed the nightingale’s whistling crescendo and the young lovers eloping.

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