Broken Music

copyright roger cohen

copyright roger cohen

The makings of a world class cellist…

they said. Oh what he could’ve become! He’s a simple man… lives thriftily… his only joy, making hauntingly beautiful music… man and instrument as one, creating mournful, soulful, exquisite sound… But more than that, he’s my man.

I’ll never forget that night. On my way home from cello practice, I was attacked. Hans made it just in time… the two men escaped but not before breaking his fingers. Now I look at him… an empty shell of a man. And though he says he loves me, I just know… He’s never truly forgiven me.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


97 thoughts on “Broken Music

  1. kz – just read comments – please put Trifecta back! (I;ll start a campaign!) the easy answer is the 2nd blog for those posts! Yes, your name shows up hen you comment, but those are your fans!
    The tone of this story has real resonance the man devoted to his music, to playing, who has a dark flaw to his character seen through his jealousy. The rhythm of the story is just right. The attack, and now she is the real artist of the two. Very nice work…

  2. Oh I can feel Hans’s resentment. Well done.
    Your story has particular resonance for me. My granddad could have been a concert pianist if he hadn’t also been a butcher and taken off the end of one of his fingers.

    • oh no… what a shame.. well at least he had two passions and he was able to fulfill the other, yes? thank you for reading my story.. 🙂

  3. What a tragedy. Sometimes you can’t go back to the way life was before terrible things happen. You set the scene so well as you describe the musician in the beginning paragraphs, then quickly introduce the crisis – and then the awful end of the story. Beautifully told.

    • hahaha oh my effin god everyone’s been writing bout cellos! i swear i have no idea bout instruments! ^^ thank you! i’m glad you dropped by. ^^

  4. Kz,
    Perhaps he doesn’t forgive himself and resents her because she is a constant reminder of what he could have been. Sad not to forgive her for something she had no control over…Poor woman doesn’t need to be forgiven she needs to be loved. Nice work KZ.


    • ah yes… i think he does love her but every single day, as she reaches the height of her career, he’s reminded of his loss, gets eaten by jealousy, and hates her for being a daily reminder what he could have been — yes that’s right ^^ thank you ^^

  5. That’s so sad. They took away his music. Part of him – his soul. You wrote the pain well. I think she feels guilty because she wishes she could somehow change it. Because of her love for him she wants to see him happy again and that eats at her soul. Perhaps?

    • idk.. she’ll get famous.. he’ll get drunk. they’ll separate..but not before a year of infidelity.. that she knows of but tolerates coz she blames herself, blah blah.. then the love disappears… idk.. haha thanks, perry! ^^

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