Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 24

Poor fisherman’s catch
Greedy hawk swoops down and steals
His fam’ly’s supper.

corrupt government officials. why do they live?
key word for today: Sea Hawk


28 thoughts on “Carpe diem: Daily Haiku 24

  1. A revolutionary haiku! Very nice -clever!I certainly think the 5 7 5 is a false premise, but your haiku looks more interesting like that anyway, so works well!

    • thank you ^^ sigh.. too bad abt trifecta, i just felt the need to limit my posts to 2 per day. i’ve joined a lot of and i have a little sched made up in my mind

    • also that story had bad stuff written bout priests and nuns.. so i dunno how my aunt or anyone in my fam would react i they stumble ‘cross my blog. no way to describe how religious my family is… ah i shouldn’t have posted my real photo and stuff.. should’ve gone anonymous– that way, i’d be free

  2. What a pleasure to read. Seriously, it’s one of the best you written and you’ve written some great ones, but this one stand out! I love it.

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