Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

I remember it vividly.

The night nanny yanked me out of bed and told me we’re playing hide and seek… Only, both of us will hide…

I heard strange voices from downstairs… Papa screaming out of anger… then of pain… There was talk of stolen money… and the name Chicco Cipriani, forever etched in my memory…

Then, the deafening chain of a familiar melody… I closed my eyes and conjured images of me and Papa watching the majestic parade of lights at the piazza.

Her trembling hand clamped over my mouth, nanny lied “Fireworks, angioletto… Just fireworks.”

But I knew.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

52 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. You got me on that 2nd line! ‘Only both would be hiding.’ – fool that I am I was lulled by your first line, but from then on it was tension and action all the way, though ‘heard’. from the hiding place – superb, just superb. Snatches of description from the hiding place were so clear we knew what was happening, then the emotion poured in…she knew, she knew… great tension, very good pacing,and the kicking in of emotion at he end masterly.

    • allow me a few more minutes to bask in the warmth of your delightful comment ^^ ahhh… thank you ^^ and thank you for always being specific. well, i’m really glad you liked it

  2. ahhh a vengeful young lady in the making, would make for a great story when she gets a bit older. Very powerful, and you could see it all in so few words.

  3. Kz, this is very very well written piece. Full of action, thrill and horror.
    Italian names and the context make me wonder if there could be a Mario Puzo like story spinned from it… Think about it 🙂

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