On the House


“ ’the fuck is this?! ,” he spat out, “ I ordered CAP-PU-CCI-NO.”
“THIS”, he raised the cup, “ is Café Au Lait. Too much milk!”

I told him I’ll get him a new one… first one’s on the house.

He took one look at the second cup and slammed his fist on the table.
“Did I say LATTE?!! ” Apparently, the foam wasn’t thick enough.

“Dumb waitress.”, he muttered.

He took a sip from the third cup. A look of satisfaction crossed his face. “Mmmm.”

I gave a thumbs up to Oleg… who zipped his pants behind the bar.

© 2012 K.Z. Morano


71 thoughts on “On the House

  1. Too funny! I’ve been a waitress (not that this type of thing ever crossed my mind) and people can be really terrible. This is the sort of thing you dream of doing but never do. Don’t think OSHA (or whatever the acronym in your state is) would pass this restaurant for health inspection.

    • oh yes, even flight stewardesses, better treat them nice. i know for a fact they scrub your bread on the floors of the plane if you’re not nice to them ^^

  2. lmao…I own a Tearoom and Bistro ( in Wales) and if I counted the amount of times I had rude customers or one of my waitresses was driven mad by fussy ”coffee” experts I would be rich ! fabulous post, made me smile 🙂

  3. Hahaha! I’m with the two Namrata’s! Did not expect or even see that coming (er…no pun intended, depending on what disgusting fluids Oleg emitted in the coffee drink)!

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