Picture it & Write VI

Every fortnight the fantastic ermiliablog hosts a photograph suggested by contributors. People are urged to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. Poems, stories, even comments by readers are welcome.



Anne’s life was ruined. Everything that she had ever hoped for, gone in a flash. She had worked so hard to have her fairytale ending… She changed her name, created a new identity, moved to a different city… She even changed her hair color. From nothing, she had successfully created a new life for herself. When she met Matthew, she knew she was saved. It was the first time that she ever truly felt like she could trust someone… He made her feel as though she was worthy of love – of happiness. He was her shot at redemption…the only thing good in her miserable life.
Everything was perfect – the flowers, the foie gras.. and the fairy tale setting for her garden wedding. The guest list was impressive, their smiles and wishes inspiring… but the food turned cold as did the expression on their friends’ faces as the minutes stretched into hours and the groom failed to show up. The whispers grew louder and she could take the looks no longer… So she kicked off her blue Manolos, gathered the billowy skirt of her immaculate Dior couture and she ran… the Fates’ disdainful cackles chasing her away … She ran as far away as she could until she fell and broke down into hysterical sobs. She knew he wasn’t coming. No one had to tell her. Somehow, she knew. How he ever found out would be a mystery but knowing how won’t make the slightest difference. He’s gone. “There’s no happy ending for me”, she said to herself bitterly.


Aahhh that’s it… Give it to me… Ooohhhhhh you naughty boy… Uhmmmm yeah, fuck me… Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!!… Oh, God, you’re huge… Ahhh.. ahhh… yes… yes… Come in my mouth! Uhmmmn…

Over at the wedding venue, phones went buzzing. Gasps and murmurs filled the spring air as members of the high society were updated by a video of the latest, juiciest gossip. There was tumultuous uproar as Stepford wives, reporters, politicians and empire builders feasted their eyes on a video of a red-haired Anne in her younger days as Hunny Holiday.

© The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic 2012.


17 thoughts on “Picture it & Write VI

  1. I laughed and laughed! Of course I always laugh at tragedy and find sadness in joy,so that’s not unusual…but you played with the reader there!!!
    Oh kz, my professional respect to you!

  2. Oh that’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to say which skeletons in your closet your significant other needs to know about and which ones are just digging up past pain, but no one deserves to have their secrets exposed in such a manner. Beautiful writing. Took me by surprised and confused me for a second there lol.

    • lol i know which part haha yeah, but since they were getting married, i guess she could’ve said something.. oh well.. thank you, happy new year! ^^

  3. I had a hard time getting past, “Anne’s life was ruined.” Fortunately, it turned out to be another Anne. Pretty sure I never had red hair. 🙂 I got to the “fuck me” part and I’m like seriously? In a porno maybe… And then of course that’s what it turned out to be! Good story.

    • haha i chose that particular name coz it sounds very proper and ladylike.. good name for someone starting a new life ^^ but even i can’t get over the ridiculous porn star name. hunny holiday, lol..just lol ^^ thanks, happy new year!

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