Christmas Spirit

Copyright-Scott L. Vannatter

Copyright-Scott L. Vannatter

Ding, Dong!

“Goddamnit, must be those carolers again!”, she muttered to herself angrily. She hated Christmas. Just another excuse for lazy idiots to go from house to house begging other people for money as though to sing silly tunes in exchange somehow makes it dignified…

It’s that damn Anderson kid again. He stood nervously in front of her doorstep with his mummy’s apple pie.

“Go away!,” she yelled, “Don’t want none of your charity.”

“Merry Chri—“

She slammed the door in his face.

A week later, her body was discovered.

No one knew. Nor cared.

Not even the cat.

© 2012 K.Z. Morano


69 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Dear Kz,
    There’s a lesson to be learned here. One word though is that you have a confusion going on between past and present tense. I think you need to choose one or the other or we don’t know whether we’re coming or we went. Good story nonetheless

  2. The cat just wants food…! But she knew, to tell you the truth, she knew, and even if she’d given cake, smiles and attention to those passing by her door, would they really care? Nice story!

  3. Very good, kz.

    I think I’ve just had one of those Scrooge moments. I started off thinking this sounds like me (humbug!), but then realised that I didn’t want to end up like that. I can change! Come back Tiny Tim Anderson!

  4. I think Ted got it right. “Damn.” I had a neighbor once that never came out except when she drove her car from the garage to the mailbox then back again. 😀 One day my cat went missing. I realized he was locked in her garage. I could see and hear him through the little grate along the side. I knocked on her door but no one answered. When I checked with some of the other neighbors I scored her son’s phone number. Turned out she had died over a month ago. Who knew? The son found her and was cleaning up her house. That’s when my cat wandered over and got himself trapped. Good going car. Poor old lady. There’s a lesson there.

  5. Has potential for a richer story in 100 words. Don’t be afraid to go deeper with the horror. Maybe the cat was licking the blood off her hand or something. Good layout of the story. That lady is HATEFUL.

  6. I’m convinced the cat did it. There were paw prints all over the body and we’ve sent them to the lab. I suspect a pretty easy conviction. The defense attorney is a dog.

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