Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

oh-my-effin’-god WHERE DO I START???

in no particular order:

1. poverty and unemployment – college grad, check. impressive transcript, check. connections, none? sorry, kid, no job for you ^^ not even a shitty one.
2. poor educational system – self-explanatory. and how is it that even the “best schools” have become nothing but money-making institutions with incompetent boobs as educators? ><
3. health care – as a nurse who used to volunteer in government hospitals, there were plenty of times when we had to "improvise" and "use our creativity" due to lack of hospital supplies. i mean like making 2 holes on iv tubes to use as O2 nasal cannula! i'm no florence nightingale but every shift, i find myself worrying about where the 60 patients (yes!) i'm handling are gonna get their next dose of antibiotics cos they're like this close to finishing it but can't afford another capsule! i find myself wandering off to the other wards to beg for one if they have a spare.
4. flooding – when there's heavy rain, there's always flood outside our house. in fact, there's flood in the entire goddamn subdivision! and this is supposed to be one of the “nice ones” ><
5. corruption – ahh now that isn't up to the leader entirely… i mean, the temptation's always gonna be there… and if they're bad persons, nothin' much we can do about it… but i really hope that this coming year and the next and the next, people in my country would be wise enough to vote for the right candidates..

for years my family has been forcing me to live in either the U.S. or Canada. My father always said there's nothing for me here. And if only I didn't find this country so damn beautiful, I would've left…

so this 2013, i'm not expecting a miracle, really… i'm not that naive. but maybe, just maybe, some improvements can be done… pretty please, dear leader, please do something about it… cos if you don’t, i just might not be here anymore…

and i don’t like the cold and snow very much. 😦

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

  1. are you sure you are not in Romania? LOL i think we have the same darn issue; well not the flooding thanks to a dam which was built in the 1970s after a huge flooding in the city I live in. But the rest, oh they are all there!

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