Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 3

Swim Mandarin Duck…
I boil water…salt…pepper…
Said duck: “Holy f***!” :p

I’m so kidding! They’re not even edible – I think ^^ but my very same reaction when I saw the word prompt. lol

Because I lack the expertise to post just one, I’ll post many. Actually, I’m just gonna throw in every single draft. Ugh >< I’m trying to practice condensing my ideas cos I know I need improvement in that area, as well as discipline, such is why I try to stick to the old 5-7-5.. sigh.. but today, I’ll be extra forgiving with the number of haiku, but not the syllables — never the syllables ^^ I so envy the others who managed to easily create a haiku with the word for the day: Mandarin Duck. See their work here and prepare to be awed ^^
And here’s mine:

Oh how I envy
The loyal Oshidori
Ever loved and free.

Matrimonial bliss,
Concept of monogamy
True for them, not me.

Wedded infidels
Pitiful unhallowed bonds
Mandarin Ducks mock.

I turn a blind eye
As you cheat, and lie… I cry…
Mandarin Ducks die.


20 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 3

  1. Awesome series, I loved the first one … so much humor in it, but the ones later on in your post are really wonderfully composed. Thank you for your daily effort to post your haiku for Carpe Diem.

  2. My very firs thought about the prompt, was cooking the duck. But I could not get an idea how to do it…thank you for:
    “Swim Mandarin Duck…
    I boil water…salt…pepper…
    Said duck: “Holy f***!” :p”

    Perfect. I feel better,.,I think validated is the word… knowing I was not the only one on the edible track ☺
    I enjoyed the other verses too…the last struck me the most.

    Thanks for sharing.

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