Daily Prompt: Me Time

How about a few words that rhyme
About the Daily Prompt: Me Time
Yes I feel like an ass
But I couldn’t let this one pass
I promised the Pirate I’d make him chuckle (apparently, he was brought down by my last post)
Plus this one’s pretty easy to tackle

Ick! WTF. Did I just write that?? It’s like a rap song gone bad ^^ LOL

Saturday mornings for me
Could be anything I want them to be…
Stay buried deep in sheets, or rise early
And make a pot of tea.
Watch old black and white movies,
Even put on some bad TV;
I could go out for some ice cream
Listen to some music and daydream.
Grab my bikini and hit the beach;
Some days, I take extra load and teach.
I could always take a writing assignment
Or choose to just chill and live in the moment.
I could hop over to my granny’s,
Then we could get our manis and pedis.
I could paint, read Vogue, curl up with a book
Or cuddle with my designer clothes in my little nook. (weird aren’t I?)
I could shop, cook, make DIY stuff;
Some Saturdays, though, are a little tough…
These are the mornings of silly affairs;
Put on a fancy dress and fix my hair,
To go to brunch, talk to people I don’t know,
Stuff my face with quiches, smile, put on a show.
But my favorite Saturday mornings
Are from sleepovers from Friday evenings.
Prancing about his room in his baggy old t-shirt,
Watching him fondly on his computer,
High with the scent that’d usually linger…
Smiling in memory of talks that last all night
And the stuff that happens in between pillow fights. ^^

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