Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

December 11, 2012

Dear future generation,

Hey! I sincerely hope you turned out to be better than us or at least no worse. ^^
I enclosed a few photographs for you just in case…

This is what the beach looks like today…


Does it still look like that? or have we and those that came after us successfully ruined that for you? If it does, then yey! ^^ But if not oh well then, maybe just imagine the cool crystal clear water lapping at your feet… the fine sand between your toes… and the warmth of the sun bathing your body with its comforting glow… Sigh. Sucks for you, really.

So in the sea you’ll find stuff like these…


Just in case, they’re called fishes. ^^ Are they still around? Or have we totally screwed that one up for you too? If we did, I’m so sorry…

Up next we have flowers… They’re among the most beautiful things you’ll ever find in this world! I hope you still have them…


Here are some land animals right here… I’ll be damned if they’ve already gone extinct!


These right here are avocados… They’re REAL FOOD. Did you know that? Do you still have them? Or has everything good been replaced by fake ass food? I shudder to think things went that way…


Anyway, I hope you still get to see green things around you..

There’s so much I wanted to show you but at this point I already feel quite ridiculous. even if those things were already gone, I’m pretty sure there would be photos of them in your history books and museums anyway… Oh God, please tell me you still have books!

Well… If you still have all these things, then I guess you’re on the right track. If it’s alright, I’ll only ask one thing from you: Be better, will ya? Better than we ever were…

xo- kz ^^

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?


16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

  1. Fantastic take on the daily prompt from today. I scratched my head thinking about how to turn it into a writing challenge, and ended up just making a list and posting that. Your letter to future generations works as both a scathing look at our currents selves to try and invoke change and a meaningful look back on the things that we should have held as important.

    • i thought the same when i saw the challenge… wondered what would be so important that i should consider putting it in a time capsule.til i realized, it’s everything. lol ^^ thanks for reading and commenting^^

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