Writing Challenge: Picture it & Write IV

Every fortnight the fantastic ermiliablog hosts a photograph suggested by contributors. People are urged to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. Poems, stories, even comments by readers are welcome.


If I had a bag of pixie dust
I’d sprinkle some on my toes;
I’d fly above ‘em hospital roofs
And shake a few to lift people’s woes.

I’d scatter some on fields of grain
So that no one will go hungry again.
A dash on our leaders’ morning coffee,
That they may honor our trust with honesty.

Next I’d hover above people’s homes
To shower some laughter and joy;
I’d soar through the heaven’s above
And make it rain with peace and love.

And If I have a few more left
I’d sprinkle some on me and you,
So that even when the magic’s gone
Still, we can make more dreams come true .

kz ^^

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18 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Picture it & Write IV

  1. If this was my first comment I would say I love this piece, but as its not, I’ll tell you that in all sincerity I adore your writing- it is always quality, produced very regularly, versatile, and plays with my thoughts and emotions. Here there is the sensuality of the first two lines, the romantic warmth of these last two lines, and the human kindness of the journey the poem takes. Goodness knows where you are able to get such flawless rhythm from – I suspect it is natural, or certainly looks like it.

  2. KZ, did you sprinkle my cat, Yasha? I noticed this morning she had green glitter dusting her head and front paws. I know it didn’t come from the tree decorations because she’s not allowed to play with the them. : ) It must be pixie dust, yes?

  3. That’s absolutely beautiful. I think all leaders need a little magic fairy dust in their morning coffee. I love the selflessness and sharing mentality. I really enjoyed it.

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