Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective

club ibiza

“Islands!” Karyl screamed out loud, almost knocking over her Sex on the Beach. As if to emphasize her point, she shrugged off her burnt orange ethnic-printed sarong to reveal freshly tanned skin. “Sexy sells,” she said in her usual bubbly manner, “and there’s nothing quite sexier than sun and sand!”.

Zshamaine rolled her eyes and in an elegant fashion, sipped her Blueberry Vodka; her YSL cuff glinted as it caught the neon lights. “Please,” she said “Fashion blogs are the in-thing . Do you have any idea how many women gather inspiration from style bloggers? The average woman thinks about fashion a little less than a hundred times per day!”, she exclaimed almost too loudly, abruptly crossing her legs and drawing attention to her sky-high fuck-me MIUMIU’s.

“Are you serious?!,” Kaye blurted out with an incredulous look on her face. “You do realize you’d be limiting your blog to a strictly female audience. Why not blog about food and health? You know a handful of recipes and you can still keep learning… Not only will your blog gain more readers, you’d also be helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle.” With that, she triumphantly gulped down a mouthful of her fresh banana shake.

“Oh and you think teaching women how to dress well isn’t helping?!!,” Zshamaine attacked, crushing Kaye’s fleeting sense of triumph. “A life without fashion – it’s nothing! You only live once, so why spend your life wearing drab outfits and place a limit on your imagination? Women should be able to freely express themselves through clothing and at the same time learn how to feel good about themselves. In this time, in this economy, more than ever, people need creativity! We..”

“Ok girl, I seriously think you had a liiiittle too much to drink.”, KZ interjected. “Writing… now THAT’s art! Fresh fiction, poetry… Your blog should be a venue for your imagination. It’s meant to be a space where you can let your hair down and explore your depth and watch in wonderment as your imagination stretches and your talent grows and…”

“Wow someone’s getting a little too full of herself!,” Karyl interrupted rather rudely, “If you want your imagination to “grow”, then for the love of God, see the world! Travel! Don’t just dream of places… Go places!”

KZ downed the last few drops of her Screaming Orgasm and ignored Karyl. Damnit, why is this glass so damn small, she thought. “Sweetie, it’s because there are places that your mind can reach that your feet couldn’t.”





The bartender tried in vain to break up the nasty catfight. “One at a time, bitches,” he said, “One at a time.”

One at a time.

I woke up with a hangover the size of the whole damn island. Three different cocktails and banana shakes… What the hell was I thinking? I reached for my laptop, checked my blog and smiled happily knowing that all four bitches are getting along quite well in one place. There. That oughta shut ‘em up. 🙂

Screw the stats. Write about anything and everything you want. ^^

xo -kz

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective

  1. Wow, hope the bartender didn’t end up with bruises or cat-scratches. I was thinking the same about writing on whatever you feel like dealing with. I believe one only needs to focus if they are meaning to make money at blogging.

  2. See what all those vodka cocktails do to your creativity!! Must be difficult keeping all those personnae under control! Anyway, the day you start your fashion blog for females – and recipes…start one for males to, then you can retain all your readership..except there’s the challenge – what topics would a male – only audience want…
    Great post. I particularly like how you interjected personally with your writing…with you so to speak.

  3. This is wonderful–kind of like Sex and the City+Wordpress. Great characterization. I love the details of what they were wearing, what their names were, and how they moved. My favorite part, however, was your last line about screwing the stats. 😉

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