from Rich Voza

from Rich Voza

Bad Girl! You’re a bad girl, Sammy!

You’re a bad girl…

It’s your fault that daddy doesn’t love mummy anymore…

It’s your fault that she took her own life…

It’s all your fault…

She whimpered on the hallway as she watched the ladies in white cover mummy’s face with a blanket.

“Do you know where your father is?”, asked the man in white.

Clutching her rag doll, the little girl with big misty brown eyes looked up and shook her head fiercely from side to side.

She didn’t know anything… except that tonight, he’d once again climb in her bed.

© The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic 2012. All rights reserved.


29 thoughts on “Sammy

  1. You have the ability to make the sun shine then break the reader in a click of fingers…almost..just almost broke me there! You should carry a warning for emotional distress! What a writer you are, what a writer!

  2. That is a heat breaking story. I feel so sorry for the little girl. For me, all kids deserves joy and happiness in their lives. Wishing you and your family all the joy of this holiday season.

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